“I used to feel like I was herding cats when it came time to shop carriers because I knew I had to deal with so many sales reps to compare pricing and services, they all used different terminology, claimed they had the best service and it was very time consuming. When I was referred to Carrier Connections it was like a breath of fresh air, one call truly does it all.”


The Carrier Connections Advantage!

No one carrier can be all things to all companies in all locations so there is a huge service gap that lacks consistency and continuity in providers that needs to be filled. We have been filling that need for over 12 years and honestly that is why we exist.

Most of our clients have multiple locations in multiple states, have one location with multiple carriers or just want to be able to call the same team for their voice and data services. In a sense we are the in-house IT & Telco managers for small & medium size business’s and the go to business communication experts for large enterprise accounts and their IT staff.

The Challenges of going direct…

In the old days calling your local carrier and ordering services is what every company did because that is the only choice there was. With the de-regulation act of 1996 the Federal Government created a competitive market so business customers had more choices of carriers and the net result is better technology, better pricing better choices. Along with all these choices comes confusion because there are so many choices it can make your head spin, especially multi location, multi state enterprise accounts. Imagine trying to get a simple T1 quote for voice or data services and meeting with 5 different sales reps and listening to 5 different sales pitches on how each rep has the best product for you….How do they know it is the best product for you when they only offer one option?

Ultimately, the “best deals” are whatever the carrier (Direct Retail Reps) is pushing at the time, as opposed to what may be the best solution for your business. Carriers (Direct Retail Reps) always start with the highest prices and only provide discounts to compete with the other Carriers; they beat the bid instead of offering their best deals. It is tough to build a long term relationship with a carrier because of high employee turnover, promotions, layoffs, transfers, quitting for a better job, etc. which is the norm in the carrier world. Disappearing post-sale support and direct retail reps and their managers caught up in sales quotas. It is easy to see why going direct you lose objectivity, continuity, price flexibility and the ability to keep the same team so when you call the relationship is still in place.

Save Time and Money with Carrier Connections!!

In today’s business climate faster, better, cheaper, easier, more efficient, better technology are words the business community hears every day. When you work with Carrier Connections that is exactly what we expect of ourselves and deliver to you. You get access to a whole new level of telecommunication options typically reserved for larger corporations by taking advantage of our relationships and carrier partnerships. You will receive unique personalized service and the lowest pricing in the industry.

When you work with Carrier Connections you gain price flexibility and competitiveness. We deliver the best prices possible with a range of service levels and choices. We deliver faster, more efficient quotes than any carrier retail direct rep and because carriers know we provide detailed cost-benefit analyses, we often receive pricing for clients that direct reps cannot access themselves.

When you work with Carrier Connections you gain single-contact continuity. We provide simplification by having all service aspects in one place. We provide a sustainable business relationship independent of any carrier, product or service. We provide permanent post-sale support. We have reliable, empowered staff with carrier and management experience, with no red tape bureaucracy-we solve problems.

When you work with Carrier Connections you gain objectivity. Because we are Carrier neutral and have no sales quotas to meet with anyone carrier we offer the best customized solution for your business based on our deep understanding of what is best for you and your company. We are experts at securing the most reliable, best technology, at the best price with the carrier that will provide the best possible service on a case by case basis and we deliver the ongoing team support that companies are craving.

In addition, Carrier Connections gives you access to a one stop shop, greater attention from Carriers due to our dedicated support, industry reputation and the ability of our staff to directly assist carriers in troubleshooting. Carrier Connections also gives you total outsourcing of vendor management so you can focus on your business, we give you relevant choices-access to more than 30 Carriers both nationwide and globally and the expertise, knowledge and experience to navigate each carrier. Call today and find out for yourself!

If you need an office phone, a complete phone system, business communications, IP phones, T1, faster T1 speed, T1 service, T1 services, T1 lines, OC3, DS3, SIP trunking, SIP (dynamic IP), data services, a trusted and proven telecommunication consultant, connections to the best carriers, at the best pricing nationwide then call one of our telecommunication consultants today!


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“Looking through our pile of phone bills was like pushing a rock uphill, I just didn’t want to do it. Carrier connections cleaned up our business telecommunications mess, saved us money, time and streamlined our services so they are easy to understand!”