Business phone communication used to be based in the office. Now, with the technology of VoiceOver Internet Protocol (VoIP for short), you can communicate anywhere, anytime, on any device. Read on to learn more about this modern cloud communication option.


Business Benefits of Internet Phone Service


While different providers offer different features and options, what they have in common is using modern cloud phone communications. With traditional phone lines, a company is charged for not just each (additional) line, but for the time spent on calls. A “virtual” phone uses VoiceOver Internet Protocol (VoIP), converting voice to data and transmitting this over a broadband Internet connection. Internet phones use an Internet connection via a router, to which additional lines can be added. The VoIP technology brings all the benefits of cloud computing–the provider manages the infrastructure and backend operations. The expenses of on-premise infrastructure and overhead are reduced, and the service is payable on a subscription basis. Internet-based phone services are perfect for remote work, since workers can communicate using an Internet connection, working anytime and anywhere.


Considerations for Using Virtual Phones


With the business benefits of VoIP phones, your company will need to consider how the technology will help you realize business goals. If you want to hire remote workers, for instance, you will need to make sure their devices (mobile phones, laptops) are secure when connected to your network. Also, is your network strong enough to handle broadband traffic? When choosing a service provider, it’s best to think of how features they offer will mesh with your needs. Finally, the security of your cloud service provider’s data centers needs to be considered; for instance, what are their encryption policies, and how does the provider deal with regulatory compliance?


By opting for virtual telephony, it’s possible for users to experience better call and video capability and for your company to enjoy cost savings. For further assistance, contact your trusted technology advisor today.