shutterstock_200590949SEO, Pay Per Click and Social media get plenty of attention for CSP, Telco and MSP Marketing Programs. Cloud Computing is a catalyst of convergence for Telco agents and MSPs. Content marketing is a great way to boost your online visibility and attract prospects at the top of the funnel. By creating blog content, webinar replays, streaming video, info grams, case studies and whitepapers you will help move prospects along the sales cycle and even close business. Here are some tips to help you make the most of these digital assets.

Informative and Educational CSP, Telco and MSP Blog Content

The purpose of writing your blog for content marketing is to inform and/or educate prospects and customers. Don’t write content for the pure purpose of SEO only. Consider your audience (small to medium business owners) and publish constructive and useful Small Business Technology blog articles your customers and prospects want to read. It is acceptable to publish at the pace of business (e.g. every other week) as long as you are consistent. Keep in mind, the quality of your content is as important as the frequency.

Leverage your Small Business Technology Blog Content on Your Digital Networks

Be sure to integrate your blog into your website so it is easy to find. What’s more, if your blog is an integrated component of your site your readers will be more likely to view other content and information available on your CSP, Telco and MSP Website. Once your CSP, Telco or MSP blog content is posted, it will be easy to share. Integrated it into your Monthly Small Business Newsletter, share via Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

Getting More From Your Small Business Technology Blog With LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has a powerful feature called LinkedIn Groups. Within your LinkedIn Profile you can join LinkedIn Groups to share content with other LinkedIn Group Members. By selecting LinkedIn Groups where your customers and prospects are likely to join. If you specialize in a particular industry vertical, consider joining a user group for a specific industry vertical application (e.g. legal eDiscovery). If you focus on a regional area or geography consider joining a technology group in your area. Many group managers will publish a daily or weekly digest of blog articles posted to their group. This LinkedIn group digest may pick up your article and distribute a summary via email to LinkedIn group members.This will extend the reach of your digital networks.

By consistently posting to your SMB Technology Blog you can extend the reach of your CSP, Telco and MSP Marketing program. Extending your reach by sharing through your digital networks including LinkedIn Groups will extend your reach event further. Remember, useful content is more likely to be read and drive conversions, so, keep your customers and prospects in mind and happy blogging!