Email is a cornerstone of digital marketing for many businesses, and making a newsletter a part of your email campaign is an inexpensive yet potentially rewarding way to communicate with both present and future customers. Read on to learn more about how a newsletter can help your company become top of mind in your industry.


Why Publish a Newsletter?


You don’t need to spend a lot to get results from an email newsletter. Doing a newsletter provides a number of benefits. For instance, it can help keep top of mind with leads and prospects by generating awareness and additional marketing touches. Billions of people use email daily, and nearly 300 billion emails are sent daily on average. Potential readership, therefore, is broad, and a wide field of potential new customers exists. While email newsletters are inexpensive to publish, they do take a bit of planning, research and crafting content to be effective.


Quality Content is Always Key


When generating content, consider what you want potential customers to know about your business and what you have to offer. For example, one newsletter issue can include information about a new product or service, or promotional offer. Or you can share about a milestone in your company’s history. Other suggestions for material can be trends in your industry or your particular niche of that industry. Modes of content can include blog posts (syndicated content courtesy of ClikCloud), social media posts, and photos. You might also consider including testimonials from customers. All such content can direct traffic to your website and blog. Mobile optimization is important, making your content easy to see and interact with, and your newsletter should always have a polished appearance.


How Often to Publish


How often should you publish a newsletter, in order to engage your customers without overwhelming them? New content can be posted weekly (in fast-moving industries) or even monthly, with every two weeks a happy medium. Some customers may want content more often, and you can keep content in reserve to send them. Why not ask your customers how often they want new content, perhaps putting an interactive poll or  in your newsletter as a call to action.  Keeping a content calendar can be a helpful guide, so you neither bombard readers nor lose their interest. 


Publishing an email newsletter as part of your digital marketing toolkit is affordable and can reap big rewards. For additional assistance, contact ClikCloud today.