It’s sometimes thought that employees can be a “weak link” in your cybersecurity plan. This need not be so. Rather, your employees–when well-trained in cybersecurity policies and practices–can be your greatest asset. Reason to learn about training your employees in keeping your network safe.


Assess Cybersecurity Knowledge


Employees can be the most important line of defense against cyber attacks, when aware and well trained. Do your workers know your company’s cybersecurity policies? Do they know and implement best practices with passwords, like having unique credentials that are changed regularly. Also, you can make sure they are up on the most current cyber threats like malware and phishing attempts, and know what to do when faced with a possible attack. For example, do they know what to do when they get an email designed to look like it’s from their supervisor? Training sessions could be done routinely via video-conferencing on an ongoing basis for remote workers.


Security Considerations for Remote Work


For nearly a year, remote work has become the rule. According to an article from CompTIA, remote workers may not be prepared for increased responsibility for the safety of their devices. Are the devices connected to your company’s network checked and sanitized to ensure malware can’t get in? Do they have the most current antivirus and anti-malware definitions? Another issue to consider is physical security. Do your workers know to do simple things like log off when leaving the computer? Will they have a workspace where phone and video-conferencing communications can’t be overheard? These are just some of the topics to discuss with your staff to keep your network safe. The more devices connected to the network, the more chances there are for cyber attack. Having workers know what to do to prevent or mitigate an attack is essential.


Instead of employees being cybersecurity liabilities, they can be your greatest assets. For assistance in training your staff to be your best line of defense against attack, contact us today.