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Did you know that telecom costs are one of the top five operating expenses incurred by companies? According to recent research 80% of all phone bills are not 100% accurate and have at least one billing error.

Through our Carrier telecom audit and optimization process we will identify Carrier billing errors, redundant or unused features, unused or underutilized services, regulatory fees that are no longer mandated, unauthorized carrier fees, wrong calling plans, outdated local & long distance rates and the actual monthly cost of every phone line.

By combining innovative technology, best practices and a team of industry experts, we offer the most comprehensive audit and optimization services available today.

Carrier Connections audit and optimization services include:

  • Lines: POTS, Centrex, PRI, T1, Point-to-point
  • Calls: Local / Regional / Long Distance / Toll Free / International
  • Mobile Plans and Usage
  • Internet Services
  • Data Services
  • VPN & MPLS Services

Best Practices & Processes

Carrier Connections proven best practices and processes enable us to identify and realize immediate cost savings. We work within your framework of environment and providers. Based on our audits, we develop cost saving recommendations and present them to you. From pursuing carriers and resolution, to implementing cost savings strategies, Carrier Connections professionals drive the process, ensuring you achieve optimal savings.

Carrier Connections service will:

  • Validate Inventory against active billing
  • Validate accuracy of fixed and variable rates against billing
  • Identify savings opportunities for under/over utilized services
  • Make plan recommendations based on our knowledge of market rates
  • Perform all telecom carrier disputes and plan changes accepted by the customer
  • Validate all plan changes are accurately reflected in billing

Industry Expertise and Experience

Our experience in Auditing has given Carrier Connections a unique perspective. Carrier Connections understands that in order to provide you with the best service, we not only need to understand our clients, but must also have knowledge of carriers, regulatory agencies, and industry analysts. We take a professional and facts-based approach when working with vendors which helps eliminate potential “gray areas” when resolving disputes and recovering your money.

Carrier Connections service results in:

  • Savings through cleanup of your inventory
  • Refunds from the carriers for erroneous charges
  • Savings by optimizing your existing telecom services
  • An accurate inventory and a clear understanding what you own


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“Carrier Connections provided us with a customized solution that included the best pricing with a great carrier, they coordinated the install between our phone and IT vendors, the carrier engineer and project management team. They have been managing our account ever since and they have definitely raised the bar….”